Using Tinnitracks

A Tinnitracks license allows you to treat your tinnitus (diagnosed by ENT-doctor) in three easy steps:

Set your frequency and select your music

The first step in setting up Tinnitracks is to enter your tinnitus frequency. Your ENT doctor or acoustician will determine it for you.

The next step is to select the music files on your computer you would like to use for the treatment. Tinnitracks uses the popular MP3 format.

Process your music

With just one tap you can set up your music for therapeutic use. During this process your tinnitus frequency is filtered out of your music files.

Tinnitracks also automatically checks your music files to determine the therapeutic potential and will inform you if any of your tracks are less appropriate for use in treating your tinnitus.

Start the treatment

Now you just need to put on your tethered headphones and start the treatment.

Tinnitracks allows you to listen to your favorite music at home or away (please note that the surrounding needs to be quiet)

Clinical studies found that this therapy was able to provide relief to patients suffering from tinnitus soon after beginning treatment. Continued treatment improved the long-term success of the therapy.

Tinnitracks allows you to treat
tinnitus with your own music

  • Individual – Your tinnitus frequency, music and headphones
  • Easy to administer
  • Precise filtering, analysis and optimization
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Administering the Therapy

In order to administer the therapy in the same manner as the clinical studies:

  • Listen to your filtered music approved for therapy
  • for at least 90 minutes per day
  • for at least 12 months
  • in a quiet surrounding.

Music that is suitable for therapeutic use will have the following properties:

  • Evenly distributed, high auditive energy
  • in the frequency ranges surrounding the patient's individual tinnitus frequency
  • for the entire duration of the track
  • in both stereo channels.

These criteria will be assessed for each track using a neuro-acoustic model. Tinnitracks will then determine the therapeutic potential of each track. This allows you to immediately ascertain whether any of the music you chose is less suitable for use in treating your tinnitus.

What You Need

Your personal Tinnitracks account allows you to set up your music for therapeutic use. In order to enable Tinnitracks to target the cause of your tinnitus prior to filtering tracks, you will need to know your individual tinnitus frequency. Your ENT doctor or a hearing aid audiologist will determine it for you. Once you know your frequency, you can start processing your favorite music for therapeutic use. You can listen to your filtered music tracks with the Tinnitracks App on your smartphone. The Tinnitracks DL tariff also allows to download your treatment files, so you can use them with any device. A smartphone is not mandatory for Tinnitracks DL.

Treat your tinnitus with your favorite music

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